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Enhancing Payer-Provider Collaboration towards Alternative Payment Models (APMs)

February 14, 2017

Dr. Craig Samitt, EVP and Chief Clinical Officer at Anthem, was recently interviewed by The Pulse, Wharton's student-run Healthcare Journal.

Throughout the interview, Dr. Samitt emphasized that forging strong partnerships is necessary as payers and providers collaborate toward the development and implementation of Alternative Payment Models (APMs) in the ongoing shift toward value-based care. Dr. Samitt described how Anthem is pursuing enhanced provider collaboration to support a diverse portfolio of APMs designed to meet providers at multiple points along the road to adoption, implementation, and transformation.

While provider-payer partnerships have evolved over time, Dr. Samitt discussed how the development of successful APMs requires aligned partnerships among key distinct participants to drive successful results. Teamwork among organizations to create a symbiotic relationship spurs innovation and enhances performance between payers and providers alike.

Dr. Samitt attributed Anthem’s progress in the space to the company’s recognition that every provider is in a somewhat different place in value-based payment adoption. A one-size-fits-all approach limits flexibility and evolution toward a system that benefits both parties. Anthem has developed a comprehensive portfolio of APMs that accelerated the company’s program to nearly 44 percent of payments in value-based arrangements in 2016.

Overall, Dr. Samitt underscored that strategic partnerships will continue to be important to drive transformation across the health care continuum. Continuing to push the boundaries in health care to a new level of creativity, innovative alternatives, and partnerships will create the smarter, more efficient system for all.

Read the complete interview with Dr. Samitt on The Pulse.

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