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Indiana residents who are paying for their health care benefits under the state’s novel approach to Medicaid are accessing more preventive services, following up on care more and using the ER for non-emergency treatment less than members in traditional Medicaid plans, according to a new white paper by Anthem Inc.’s Public Policy Institute.

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18 Jul
News Roundup

A bill introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives last week would allow patients with end-stage renal disease (ESRD) undergoing dialysis treatment to enroll in Medicare Advantage plans.

28 Jun
ThinkAnthem Insight

As health care providers look for more ways to achieve high-quality, low-cost care, provider enablement programs help them navigate new value-based care models. Veeneta Lakhani, Anthem Vice President of Provider Enablement, discusses how provider enablement works in practice and how it benefits patients.

28 Jun
ThinkAnthem Insight

Health literacy is the ability to understand health information, which is necessary to take ownership of your own health and stay on top of chronic conditions. It is important for patients to not only understand the health care system, but also how to manage and treat their conditions and overall health.

27 Jun
ThinkAnthem Insight

When a patient has a minor injury or illness, their decision of whether to go to a primary care provider or to the Emergency Room (ER) can end up costing or saving the patient and the U.S. health care system a significant amount of money.

23 Jun
ThinkAnthem Insight

In the national debate on health care reform there is one change almost everyone agrees will help improve our health care system: increasing access to primary care.

Julie Schilz, Vice President of Care Delivery Transformation at Anthem, Inc., gives her take one the critical role of primary care and what can be done to right-size it.