At Anthem, we recognize that corporate responsibility is not only essential, but integral to our success as a company. As a digital-first company, it is within our DNA to create technological innovations that accelerate transformations in how consumers lead healthier lives and further our commitment to being a responsible corporate citizen in our world.

With COVID-19 affecting millions of people and impacting the everyday workings of our communities, our digital resources are important tools for providing high-quality, accessible, affordable and timely care services to people across the country—not just Anthem affiliated health plan members and business customers—as they navigate this pandemic. And we have the data, information and operational agility to rapidly develop new products, solutions and service offerings that support our neighbors and communities. Through providing free community resources, enabling people to access care safely and simply, and having an intentional focus on reducing our environmental impact, we have the wind at our back to accelerate a required change to a more consumer-centric healthcare experience.

Digital Community Resources

As part of our responsible corporate citizenship, Anthem strives to improve our communities. In collaboration with like-minded partners (public and private) we have made available a number of resources—many at no cost to the consumer—to help our fellow community members take action during these challenging times.

Anthem is among several leaders in the behavioral health community that launched the COVID-19 Mental Health Resource Hub, a package of free digital resources to help individuals and providers address mental health needs during the COVID-19 pandemic. The online tool consists of video, written and visual resources designed to help people maintain wellbeing and better cope with mental health concerns during the pandemic.

In collaboration with CloudMedx and TM, Anthem introduced C19 Explorer, a digital tool that is making data, insights and predictions ubiquitously available. The tool provides in-depth, trusted and aggregated information for government officials, healthcare leaders and community leaders to use in making informed, data-driven decisions. As organizations look to safely reopen and allow workers to return to the workplace, C19 Explorer’s intuitive, interactive dashboards provide insight on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic—both current and predictive—including infection rates, community risk scores, hospital capacity and community impact.

Anthem also worked with to deploy a COVID-19 Community Risk Score Dashboard, leveraging data that includes satellite images and real-time COVID-19 case counts. Using’s deep learning technology, the dashboard displays how the pandemic is unfolding and identifies communities at the highest risk for COVID-19-related hospitalization and death. For the first time,’s Community Risk Dashboard gives healthcare providers a hyper-local microscope into the next COVID-19 wave, coupled with new tools for data science to monitor the pandemic.

Digital Care Delivery

Consumers continue to be concerned with receiving care in-person at doctor’s offices, urgent care facilities and hospitals due to the risk of coronavirus exposure. For these individuals, digital-first health technologies give them a way of accessing care through a progressive spectrum of personalized care options, from digital to virtual to in-person.

For instance, Sydney Care delivers a personalized, digital experience and gives consumers real-time access to health information and a symptom checker, powered by artificial intelligence. If needed, consumers can engage in virtual care from the comfort of their own home by connecting with virtual primary care via text or video chat. And the care providers available through virtual care will still guide a person to seek in-person care, if the situation calls for it.

Anthem understands healthcare is not just about care delivery but all the factors that contribute to health (e.g., community health factors, social drivers of health, etc.). By creating digital health solutions we are able to understand all of these factors, provide consumers with personalized care options and give them access to the right care, at the right time.

In an ever-changing healthcare landscape, we believe that leveraging a model in which public and private organizations work together leads to the development of digital-first solutions that quickly meet evolving demands. These digital solutions also allow us to make healthcare more predictive, proactive and personalized for consumers who are increasingly using digital technologies in their lives. This approach ultimately helps us fulfill our commitment of building a simpler and more affordable healthcare system. This is our responsibility and our guiding force at Anthem.