JULY 31, 2020

Advancing Quality

I heard a “Code Rainbow” announced over the hospital sound system. As doctors, nurses and staff lined the hallways, their smiles were contagious.

Some of us sang along with the music that played. Clapping reached a crescendo as our cause for celebration passed through: an 84-year old man who fought COVID-19 and won was going home and into the arms of his wife, who he hasn’t seen in more than a month.

At the community hospital in upstate New York where I am working as a respiratory therapist, there has been little good news recently. Every patient who recovers from COVID-19 is a cause for celebration.

On the surface, I look like every other staff member clapping in honor of this patient discharge. However, there is one difference beneath the fifteen layers of protective gear: I am a team lead at Anthem, Inc., who is here providing relief as a medical volunteer. As part of my company’s COVID-19 response, employees who are clinical professionals are given the option to help medical teams on the front lines of this pandemic.

Like many of my colleagues, I have deep roots in my community and have lived here for years. I would not feel right if I was not helping. I want my associates at the hospital, and the patients we are caring for, to know that they are not in this fight alone. We are all fighting a common enemy in COVID-19 and this support is vital.

We’re proud to have associates like Meaghan doing their part to help those battling COVID-19. Read more about her experience on the front line of the pandemic here.