Callers are anxious, fearful, stressed out, and in many ways, the NurseLine is a safety net for them as many are unable to get in to see their doctors. We are their only way to get care in many cases. With resolve, patience and calm, I work through each call offering triage, a recommendation and kind words. This is much bigger than me and any good I can bring to people to comfort them makes my day. I am so grateful to be making such an impact at this unprecedented time.”

This quote from one of our 24/7 NurseLine nurses illustrates the strain so many are feeling right now—and the tremendously important role nurses play in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. This National Nurses Week, we thank all the nurses at Anthem and around the nation who are working tirelessly to ensure the health and safety of our consumers and communities.

Due to the increased risk and strain on the healthcare system, consumers are increasingly turning to virtual care and guidance. Anthem’s 24/7 NurseLine has been vital in this effort, connecting with affiliated health plan members via phone or digital chat to answer questions about the virus and help consumers navigate to appropriate care and treatment. For those with chronic care issues, food insecurity concerns or individuals who need mental health support, among other things, our nurses can directly connect them to appropriate resources or refer them to relevant care management programs.

Since early March, NurseLine call volumes have increased by 73 percent and average daily chats have increased by 188 percent.

Recognizing the need, we worked to redirect resources to our NurseLine in order to care for more consumers, and temporarily reassigned nurses to this program to manage the increase in calls and ensure timely service.

Nurses have also been spending extra time talking to each of our consumers to ensure they understand their care options and how we’re supporting those affected by the virus—providing time, attention and compassionate care. Another NurseLine nurse shared, “During this COVID-19 pandemic, consumers really want to avoid potentially exposing themselves to the virus in an urgent care center or the ER, unless absolutely necessary. I’ve helped so many come up with alternate solutions, including things like home care or telehealth referrals. This has shielded so many from unnecessary risk, as well as helping our healthcare facilities not be inundated with non-emergencies.”

Our nurses show up every day and deliver exceptional service because they are deeply committed to supporting consumers. We are proud to partner with those on the front lines in the fight against COVID-19 to help ensure the long-term health of consumers. When consumers have questions, our nurses are here for them.

A thousand thank yous to our nurses.