MARCH 19, 2021

Taking control of your health and well-being starts by understanding and addressing your personal risk for illnesses and health status. Health disparities in the Latino community create unique challenges that were further exacerbated during the pandemic. For instance, Anthem recently published data that indicate racial and ethnic disparities contribute to higher COVID-19 serious outcomes1. In the study, among those tested for COVID-19, Hispanic/Latino and Black populations showed the highest likelihood of testing positive, being hospitalized, and death.

Tomando Acción por Nuestra Salud/Taking Action for Our Health for the Latino community

Committed to improving lives and communities and making a difference, Anthem launched a new website aimed at eliminating health disparities in the Latino community. Available in both Spanish and English, Taking Action for Our Health/Tomando Acción por Nuestra Salud provides tools to help people care for the health of their families and themselves. By logging onto the free website and selecting one of several health conditions, including cancer, heart health, emotional health and prediabetes –people can learn about health risks, recommended health screenings, and how to monitor and share progress. This new web tool makes it easier to get information and resources, and take action for your health.

Take Action for Health for the African American/Black community

Taking Action for Our Health/Tomando Acción por Nuestra Salud is modeled after our Take Action for Health website, a resource serving the Black Community.

Together, these resources reinforce Anthem’s efforts in building collaborations with trusted community organizations to address health disparities. We’re connecting with our communities by providing these free, culturally-informed digital health tools. During the COVID-19 pandemic we’re also reaching communities through our investment in programs addressing health disparities and racial inequities, food insecurity, economic security, and behavioral health.

A Center for Disease Control report in June showed because of concerns about COVID-19, an estimated 41% of U.S. adults had delayed or avoided medical care, and one of the groups with a high prevalence of avoidance was Black adults and Hispanic adults.2

Both websites encourage and provide people the resources to be proactive, seek timely healthcare and possibly detect diseases early when they are more treatable.

A pilot study prior to COVID-19, showed the success of the Take Action for Health website in motivating patients to be screened for targeted conditions. The web tool intervention successfully moved patients along from not planning to schedule a screening appointment — to scheduling an appointment for health screenings.3

The websites are not intended to replace the advice of a doctor, but seek to educate, encourage screenings, address barriers, provide information on low and no-cost services, track screenings and allow participants to share information with providers and others.

The websites are a collaboration among Anthem, the Beckman Research Institute of City of Hope, the National Hispanic Medical Association, Pfizer, Inc., 100 Black Men of America, Inc, Golden State Medical Association, and the National Urban League.