Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, we’ve pledged our partnership to government officials, healthcare providers, community leaders and the people we serve. We know that this pandemic and the decisions around how to respond are complicated.

To help bring clarity to complexity, we’ve developed a suite of digital tools to support the decision-making needs among our partners. And to house these tools, we launched a new portal, which contains links to the COVID-related tools Anthem created at the beginning of the crisis and will introduce in the future as we come together to support recovery.

Data-Driven Insights to Inform Reopen and Return-to-Workplace Decisions

In collaboration with TM, CloudMedx, and, we recently introduced C19 Explorer and C19 Navigator to address the need among government, community and business leaders for data-driven planning and analytics.

As one of our collaborators, Tashfeen Suleman, CEO of CloudMedx, shared, “As leaders examine the current status of their communities and consider how to move forward, it’s important that they have timely information to make decisions around the COVID-19 crisis, including reopening communities and return-to-workplace planning.”

The new tools include the following:

  • C19 Explorer is intended for government officials, healthcare leaders and community leaders to help them understand a region’s readiness to reopen. It takes into account data like infection rates, availability of healthcare providers and community resources as well as community vulnerability due to demographic and drivers of health.
  • Businesses and governments also need data-driven insights as they strategize on how to return to the workplace while ensuring the health and wellbeing of their employees. C19 Navigator uses the same data as C19 Explorer, but also has detailed information that incorporates COVID-related data specific to Anthem employer customers. The data, which is properly secured and adheres to appropriate privacy policies, enables C19 Navigator to deliver insights and visualizations that allow customers to see how many people in their health plans have been impacted and may be affected in the future.

According to Chirag Patel, PhD, co-founder of and Harvard Medical School faculty, “It is clear that age and pre-existing conditions, such as diabetes, heart disease and obesity, play a large role in COVID-19 complications. However, these pieces of information have been in different places, making COVID-related decisions more difficult, until now with C19 Explore and C19 Navigator.”

C19 Explorer and C19 Navigator bring together these disparate data into easy-to-use and easy-to-understand dashboards that help officials closely monitor the situation and direct their limited resources.

“Through human-centered design, we synthesized AI technologies and user needs into an experience that provides leaders with the intelligence they require – supported by high-quality data. Leaders across the country have to make challenging decisions about reopening and return-to-workplace, and these decisions can have serious consequences,” said Shaun Modi, Managing Partner at TM.

Helping Consumers and Our Communities

As the pandemic evolved, Anthem also announced several COVID-related tools to help consumers during this difficult time:

  • Sydney Care: Digital-first application that delivers personalized engagement and real-time access to health information, telehealth services and AI-driven symptom checker. Sydney Care also allows consumers to connect with virtual primary care, via text or video chat; as well as take a coronavirus assessment and find a COVID-19 testing location. The app also has a Daily COVID-19 Check In, a survey intended to aid companies in assessing individual’s readiness to enter the workplace on a daily basis.
  • Safer Entry to Workplace (via Biometric Passport): Biometric Passport includes the ability to evaluate employees’ possible COVID-19 symptoms through daily attestations, empowering employers to use this information for strategic planning. Responses stay on a user’s phone and are never shared with the employers. Employers will only know whether or not the employee is granted access to enter based on their requirements.
  • Family Caregiver Support (via ianacare): Through the ianacare free mobile app, consumers can mobilize personal social circles (friends, family, coworkers, neighbors, etc.) to coordinate practical help with everyday needs such as meals, rides, respite care, pet care or house work. Individuals can also use the app to create a private group that can support them in providing care for loved ones.
  • Mental Health Resources (via PsychHub): PsychHub is a COVID-19 mental health resource hub that provides a range of resources designed to help people, their families and care providers cope with pandemic-related stress brought on by social isolation, job loss and other challenges.
  • Social Care Network (via Aunt Bertha): Anthem has partnered with Aunt Bertha, a leading social care network, which helps connect individuals and families to free and reduced-cost social services in their communities. These programs include COVID-19-specific assistance, such as food delivery and help paying for bills.

From individual consumers to entire communities, from businesses to government officials, we are deeply committed to helping them through this time of uncertainty. That support will continue to take many forms, but no matter what it looks like, we are all in this together as we work through recovery.