JANUARY 12, 2021

Advancing Quality

Anthem’s vision of being the most innovative, valuable and inclusive partner is one that can’t be achieved by operating in a vacuum—a true partnership requires partners.

One way in which Anthem is building those relationships and delivering on its vision is through the Anthem Digital Incubator (ADI). This initiative matches Anthem’s knowledge, experiences and resources with innovative and nimble entrepreneurs who share the desire to deliver personalized, proactive and predictive healthcare solutions that help improve a person’s health and wellbeing.

Through its rich collection of certified de-identified data, Anthem has extraordinary insight into the health of consumers and communities—specifically those areas where the current healthcare system is falling short. ADI has the ability to take those identified gaps and seek solutions collaboratively. When ADI launched – both virtually and with dedicated space in the Palo Alto, Calif., office – it was the first payer-led development program.

This new initiative invites entrepreneurs and recently formed companies into the program and supports these organizations with the development and deployment of their novel solutions for healthcare consumers.

Companies that are invited to participate in the program receive:

  • Funding opportunities
    • For companies seeking funding, Anthem has bespoke financial resources to support their pursuit.
  • Access to Anthem’s Digital Data Sandbox
    • The Digital Data Sandbox is one of the world’s largest certified de-identified data sets, offering the ability to discover insights, build and train algorithms, validate solutions with Anthem experts and deploy those solutions in the real world.
  • Mentoring
    • The ADI Mentorship Program pairs companies with both a business leader and a subject matter expert. This support system fosters an environment that allows companies to accelerate the growth and development of their solutions.
  • Path to Market
    • Entrepreneurs within ADI are able to leverage Anthem’s background and expertise in deploying innovative solutions to consumers. Throughout their residency, companies will be guided through the path to market process via Anthem’s team.

By supporting entrepreneurs early in their journey, Anthem is able to develop the next generation of health solutions at an accelerated rate with a clear path-to-market process. These solutions will serve Anthem’s core business need areas while delivering value directly to consumers and society.

Supporting the greater startup community

Beyond the Incubator partnerships, ADI will offer a variety of resources to healthcare startups and entrepreneurs. By joining the developer community at Anthem.AI, ADI participants gain access to opportunities to support and fast track their innovations.

  • Programming
    • Educational programming: “How-to” series that provide insight and direction for startups into the U.S. health insurance industry.
    • Speaker series: Diverse ideas and thought-provoking topics presented by healthcare pioneers.
  • Entrepreneur-in-Residence Program
    • ADI’s Entrepreneur-in-Residence Program (EIR) engages best-in-class external talent by immersing them in the enterprise. EIRs work collaboratively with Anthem associates to address business needs, validate products and identify go-to-market approaches across Anthem.
  • Challenges
    • Anthem presents a compelling need area to the global innovation community requesting to apply potential solutions that can help our consumers, providers and other stakeholders. Winners of these challenges can receive funding, mentorship and access to the Digital Data Sandbox as well as a coveted residency within the Incubator.

The Anthem Digital Incubator is an effort two years in the making. This invitation-only initiative provides resident companies with funding, unique growth and educational opportunities, as well as customized coaching for their innovative solutions. Through the work of ADI, Anthem is able to support high-potential digital healthcare companies and work to positively impact the health for humanity.

For more information on the Anthem Digital Incubator, visit or contact