When she was a young girl, just 5 years old, Beth Braun was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes (T1D). Throughout her life, she’s learned to manage and cope with the disease, and chose a career path to help others navigate their journey. As a psychologist and wellness expert, Dr. Braun works with adults and children on mental health and diabetes management.

There is a clear connection between behavioral health and chronic health conditions, such as diabetes. According to the Journal of Medicine and Life, more than 40% of adults reported experiencing depression or anxiety managing their diabetes.

At Anthem, we believe mental health is health. Providing the right tools and resources to help individuals achieve their fullest potential is fundamental in achieving whole-person health.

As part of our 3 Questions About series, Beth L. Braun, Ph. D. shares her experience with diabetes and how Anthem’s partnership with JDRF is impacting the physical and mental health of people with T1D.