September is Hunger Action Month. Anthem is committed to addressing food insecurity, the most commonly reported unmet social need in the United States. We believe that food is medicine, and consistent access to nutritious food is an essential part of maintaining health. We have long championed better access to nutritious foods in the communities we serve, and are actively working to drive meaningful change.

One of the ways we’re investing in long-term solutions is through the Anthem Foundation’s partnership with Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) Indianapolis to support the Equitable Food Access in Indianapolis Neighborhoods initiative, funded by the Anthem Foundation. The three-year, $2.45 million initiative is focused on the Northeast Corridor, a community in Indianapolis that was recently awarded funding through a competitive grant. Residents, community leaders, subject matter experts, and civic organizations in the area will convene to develop and implement solutions to food insecurity that can be applied more broadly and fuel broad-scale change.

Ashley Gurvitz is CEO of the United Northeast Community Development Corporation. As part of our video series, “3 Questions About”, she explains how this community-based initiative will help improve nutritious food access in the community.