A great haircut and lively conversation are what typically draw people to Gee’s Clippers. But over the past several weeks, the Milwaukee barbershop has seen a steady stream of people more concerned about their health than their hair.

Anthem is committed to our important role to support community health and ensure access to care. That’s why we partnered with owner Gaulien “Gee” Smith more than a year ago to support the opening of Gee’s MKE Wellness Clinic in his barbershop, offering health checks and support services. In order to slow the spread of COVID-19 in the most underserved and vulnerable communities in Milwaukee, we’re now hosting a vaccination clinic in the barbershop. With Black and Brown communities being hit hard by COVID-19, Gee was determined to connect his clients and others to the vaccine.

Barriers to access the vaccine and mistrust in the vaccine have prevented many in the Black community from receiving it. The clinic, administered by Hayat Pharmacy, makes getting a shot and vaccine information as simple as a visit to the neighborhood barbershop.