Improving the health of our nation starts with broadening our view of what health means.
That’s why we’re starting a national conversation around whole health and the factors that drive it.


Anthem is encouraging others to learn more about whole health and its drivers – starting with exploring the Driving Our Health study and sharing what they learn. Anthem has been focused on the social drivers of health for over 75 years in an effort to improve the lives and communities we serve and be a trusted partner.

Together with local and national partners, we are collectively working to address SDoH and health disparities. But this work is only the beginning of what we want to accomplish. We are starting a broader movement to shift the way we think about health.

Change won’t happen overnight, but we believe we can change our approach to health for the better, starting with the adoption of the Three E’s:

  • Educate

    Learn more about whole health and its drivers, starting with reading the Driving Our Health study and visiting

  • Expand

    Spread the word about the social drivers of health using the hashtag #DrivingOurHealth and by visiting @drivingourhealth on Instagram.

  • Engage

    Learn more and join Anthem in the important conversation around these issues.

Beyond what's driving our health pdf image

Anthem is doing more than just starting a national conversation around the social drivers of health. Download the PDF to learn how Anthem is working to address SDH and health disparities in communities across the country.

Social Drivers of Health*
Conditions in the places where people live, learn, work, and play that affect a wide range of health and quality-of-life risks and outcomes

Whole Health
A holistic view of health that includes individuals’ physical, behavioral, and social circumstances

What’s Driving Our Health
An initiative to improve Americans’ understanding of whole health, built around Anthem’s landmark report Driving Our Health: A study exploring health perceptions in America

*CDC, Social Determinants of Health: Know What Affects Health