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NBC News , 04-26-2021

The plan will provide up to 34 million kids about $375 each to buy food for the roughly 10 weeks they are out of school in the summer.

News-Medical , 04-21-2021

Food banks should be used more consistently rather than only during emergencies to better address food insecurity and related health issues, a joint study by researchers at UT Southwestern Medical Center and economists at the University of Dallas shows.

The Boston Globe , 04-08-2021

Researchers estimate half of the students at typical community colleges don’t get enough to eat, or enough healthy meals. These schools are working to help.

Yahoo! Money , 04-07-2021

The nation’s hunger crisis is finally abating, according to new government data, with the number of Americans experiencing food insecurity dropping to its lowest level since the pandemic began.

The Wall Street Journal , 04-01-2021

Economic strain caused by the Covid-19 pandemic will likely leave an estimated 1.4 million New York City residents struggling to afford adequate food this year, according to Feeding America, a nationwide network of food banks.

Associated Press , 04-01-2021

America is starting to claw its way out of the economic fallout from the coronavirus pandemic, but food insecurity persists, especially for children and older adults.

ThinkAnthem , 03-30-2021

I’m an emergency room doctor by background, and anyone who has worked clinically knows the impact of social factors on people’s lives. What does it mean to prescribe an antibiotic to a patient if he or she doesn’t have insurance, or even a home?  Or, what does it mean to continuously prescribe asthma medication for a child who is constantly surrounded...

Well + Good , 03-23-2021

When Chui, a 72-year-old Chinese American woman from Southern California, goes grocery shopping, she does not always choose the foods she wants, but instead, what she can carry home on foot.

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