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U.S. News & World Report , 05-05-2021

The COVID-19 pandemic may help push the nation’s health system toward an easier and more consumer-friendly digital experience.

Healthcare IT News , 05-05-2021

A whopping 89% of U.S. healthcare leaders say they’re currently heavily investing in telehealth, though many expect to shift gears toward artificial intelligence in the future.

The Wall Street Journal , 04-16-2021

The health insurer built a single interface for all AI and machine learning solutions across the company’s ecosystem that is significantly accelerating model development and deployment.

Fierce Healthcare , 04-14-2021

K Health, Anthem and Blackstone Growth are teaming up to launch a joint venture that aims to lower healthcare costs and make care more accessible.

Fierce Healthcare , 04-09-2021

Electronic health record startup Canvas Medical scored $17 million in series A funding to expand its health plan partnerships and fuel the growth of its value-based care software.

HealthLeaders , 04-05-2021

Virtual health, cloud-based technologies, AI, collaboration, and VR are among the innovations spurring change.

HealthITAnalytics , 04-05-2021

Researchers are leveraging artificial intelligence to improve preventive care measures and telehealth practices.

Harvard Business Review , 03-31-2021

Healthcare is undergoing a transformation. While consumers once received treatment based solely on their symptoms at the point of care, healthcare providers can now incorporate a wealth of historical, social, and environmental information to assess an individual’s condition and provide more personalized—and preventive—care.

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