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CIO , 09-21-2021

Healthcare is one of the fastest growing and fastest changing industries. Rapid innovation is defining new ways to prevent, detect, and treat health issues. New models for virtual care, AI/ML driven interactions, and dynamic user interfaces are driving greater demands for how technology is used throughout the industry.

Modern Healthcare , 09-21-2021

As healthcare continues with its digital transformation, questions linger as to what role technologies like remote patient monitoring and virtual care platforms will actually play in a post-pandemic framework.

Business Insider , 09-07-2021

As US health systems prioritize financial recovery and innovation in the wake of the pandemic, the pressure is on to re-evaluate their infrastructure and emerging technology investments, and to ensure their efforts not only support the future of healthcare delivery, but also provide services more efficiently and cost-effectively.

HealthITAnalytics , 08-27-2021

De-identified data has become an important tool in medical research and for providers looking to enhance patient care.

HealthITAnalytics , 08-20-2021

Broad data collection can improve precision medicine, artificial intelligence, and predictive analytics to eliminate health disparities.

HealthLeaders , 08-10-2021

While 80% of respondents said their primary care health issues were resolved using telehealth, accessing virtual care remains a challenge for the elderly and rural patients.

Becker's Health IT , 08-04-2021

Anthem is joining Atlanta-based Emory Healthcare’s Innovation Hub to create digital health solutions enabled with 5G technology.

HealthLeaders , 07-28-2021

Conversational AI technology is spurring a wave of innovation between tech companies and healthcare organizations.

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