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FierceHealthcare, 11-18-2020

Virtual care use among Anthem’s Medicare Advantage members was 136 times greater in the early months of the pandemic compared to pre-COVID-19 levels, a new report from the insurer shows.

MedCity News, 11-17-2020

As the Covid-19 crisis accelerates, healthcare organizations are turning to technology solutions to help them keep pace with patient care needs as well as population health initiatives.

ThinkAnthem, 11-13-2020

Academic research has revealed that more than half of undergraduates have food access problems, which include disrupted eating patterns and a decline in food intake. As part of our commitment to help these students and to address food insecurity across our communities, Anthem and the Anthem Foundation are taking action.

Patient Engagement HIT, 11-12-2020

The COVID-19 pandemic, and the changes in healthcare delivery stemming from it, has left its mark on the healthcare industry and pushed many patients to prefer digital health as a key care access medium.

FOX 59, 11-12-2020

Gleaners Food Bank is raising awareness about food insecurity in partnership with the Anthem Foundation and Andretti-Harding-Steinbrenner Autosport.

Consumer Reports, 11-02-2020

A new CR survey reveals a growing food-insecurity problem, with people of color disproportionately affected.

Modern Healthcare, 10-31-2020

Advances in wearable technology are opening the door for a new generation of disease treatments that leverage remote monitoring and therapeutics delivered via devices worn on the body.

Authority Magazine, 10-30-2020

Healthcare works better when all its parts work together in ways that are easier, when data and services are interoperable to make healthcare simpler and work better for consumers, and when it’s more responsive for the people that depend on it.

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