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ThinkAnthem , 06-03-2021

Last summer, a man was rushed to the emergency room in a diabetic coma and almost lost his life. Today, he’s managing his condition so well, he’s off insulin and has embraced a healthy lifestyle.

ZDNet , 05-27-2021

A study from J.D. Power said before the pandemic, just 9% of privately insured health plan members in the US used telehealth services.

Eater , 05-27-2021

How mutual aid efforts — like Minneapolis’s Southside Food Share and Phillips Community Free Store — are combating food insecurity on their own terms.

News-Medical , 05-27-2021

Home food procurement (HFP), including fishing, gardening, hunting, foraging, backyard livestock, and canning, have been important ways for people to obtain food historically. Research shows that some HFP activities such as gardening have recently increased, while others such as hunting have decreased in the US.

NBC News , 05-27-2021

Black therapists say the spike in demand from Black clients for the last year has been difficult — and in some ways surprising and even hopeful.

The Washington Post , 05-27-2021

Montgomery County leaders are taking steps to add mental health to the list of valid reasons to be absent from school, saying the move is especially important after the inordinate toll of the pandemic.

Patient Engagement HIT , 05-26-2021

The application of artificial intelligence to a machine learning algorithm has shown potential in helping healthcare providers improve patient satisfaction and experience.

Healthcare Finance News , 05-20-2021

Anthem has announced a collaboration with Epic to facilitate secure, bi-directional exchange of health information between providers and Anthem’s affiliated health plans.

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