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FierceHealthcare, 02-17-2021

Anthem and CloudMedx are adding vaccine distribution data to their online COVID-19 data platform.

Forbes, 02-16-2021

Investors have taken note of skyrocketing demand for tele-mental health services and poured record investment into companies that are addressing rising depression and anxiety.

NPR, 02-12-2021

In American Indicators, NPR’s Ari Shapiro examines how people are being affected by high rates of food insecurity due to the pandemic recession.

CBS News, 02-09-2021

Nearly 24 million adults in the U.S. say their families lack food to last them a week, according to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. In Jacksonville, Florida, thousands of children are not getting enough to eat and teachers are stepping in to help them.

Becker's Health IT, 02-01-2021

Indianapolis-based payer Anthem recently established a new digital incubator focused on helping healthcare startups expand their business plans and innovations, according to a Jan. 28 Inside Indiana Business report.

The Washington Post, 01-27-2021

Hunger is a hidden hardship that the pandemic has made visible, a persistent crisis that the pandemic has made worse.

HITInfrastructure, 01-26-2021

AI will transform the way doctors, hospitals, and healthcare systems collect and manage their revenue cycle, but financial, security, and privacy concerns hinder AI adoption.

MedCity News, 01-26-2021

A group of stakeholders recommended developing reimbursement mechanisms and standards frameworks to help improve uptake of digital mental health tools in the U.S.

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