Simplifying Healthcare Through Digital Innovation

Digital-first is the cornerstone of the healthcare future Anthem is building. Our digital transformation strategy is the roadmap to more accessible healthcare. Virtual health and other innovative care technologies will help realize the goal of “care anywhere.”


Anthem Leaders at the Mic

Listen to Anthem Senior Vice President and Chief Digital Officer Rajeev Ronanki’s conversation with Faces of Digital Health’s Tjaša Zajc on the ways AI will shape the future of healthcare and how Anthem is launching new initiatives and leveraging AI-driven solutions to meet consumer needs through the COVID-19 crisis and beyond.

Innovation Answered, Empowering an AI-First Organization with Anthem's Chief Digital Officer

Listen to Anthem, Inc. Senior Vice President and Chief Digital Officer Rajeev Ronanki’s conversation with Innovation Answered’s Katie Milliken on how Anthem is taking a digital-first mindset, which includes leveraging artificial intelligence and data analytics, to make the healthcare experience more personalized, proactive and predictive, while helping consumers lead healthier lives.

Image of Rajeev Ronanki, Chief Digital Officer for Anthem Inc. with Breaking Health Podcast Logo, Episode 143

Listen to Anthem Senior Vice President and Chief Digital Officer Rajeev Ronanki’s conversation with Breaking Health’s Steve Krupa on Anthem’s transformation into a digital-first enterprise, from automating core business processes to using digital technologies to engage with consumers in a more personalized, proactive manner, and how digital innovation can improve consumers’ healthcare experience.

Smart Talks with IBM

Listen to Anthem Senior Vice President & Chief Technology Officer Anil Bhatt’s conversation with Smart Talks with IBM’s Malcolm Gladwell on how artificial intelligence is reinventing and enhancing the healthcare experience, as well as helping improve people's health and wellbeing.

Digital Innovation News & Perspectives SEE ALL STORIES

HealthITAnalytics, 08-20-2021

Broad data collection can improve precision medicine, artificial intelligence, and predictive analytics to eliminate health disparities.

HealthLeaders, 08-10-2021

While 80% of respondents said their primary care health issues were resolved using telehealth, accessing virtual care remains a challenge for the elderly and rural patients.

Becker's Health IT, 08-04-2021

Anthem is joining Atlanta-based Emory Healthcare’s Innovation Hub to create digital health solutions enabled with 5G technology.

HealthLeaders, 07-28-2021

Conversational AI technology is spurring a wave of innovation between tech companies and healthcare organizations.

Modern Healthcare, 07-26-2021

Insurers are increasingly investing in predictive analytics to identify social determinants of health needs among commercial enrollees, as a growing number of payers recognize that social support must not begin and end with government customers.

Patient Engagement HIT, 07-13-2021

Omnichannel patient engagement technologies include the multimodal systems organizations use to connect with consumers.

Healthcare Dive, 07-12-2021

Telehealth use overall has stabilized at levels 38 times higher than before the COVID-19 pandemic, ranging from 13% to 17% of visits across all specialties, according to new data from McKinsey released roughly a year since the first major spike in COVID-19 cases.

VentureBeat, 07-04-2021

The healthcare industry is starting to adopt digital twins to improve personalized medicine, healthcare organization performance, and new medicines and devices.

HealthPayerIntelligence, 06-28-2021

CMS is requiring healthcare interoperability from payers but embracing more data-sharing with the consumer in mind will be key to future success for health plans.