Simplifying Healthcare Through Digital Innovation

Digital-first is the cornerstone of the healthcare future Anthem is building. Our digital transformation strategy is the roadmap to more accessible healthcare. Virtual health and other innovative care technologies will help realize the goal of “care anywhere.”

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I need to find a way to cope with this stress
I need to find a way to cope with this stress

Anthem Leaders at the Mic

Listen to Anthem Senior Vice President and Chief Digital Officer Rajeev Ronanki’s conversation with Faces of Digital Health’s Tjaša Zajc on the ways AI will shape the future of healthcare and how Anthem is launching new initiatives and leveraging AI-driven solutions to meet consumer needs through the COVID-19 crisis and beyond.

Innovation Answered, Empowering an AI-First Organization with Anthem's Chief Digital Officer

Listen to Anthem, Inc. Senior Vice President and Chief Digital Officer Rajeev Ronanki’s conversation with Innovation Answered’s Katie Milliken on how Anthem is taking a digital-first mindset, which includes leveraging artificial intelligence and data analytics, to make the healthcare experience more personalized, proactive and predictive, while helping consumers lead healthier lives.

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Harvard Business Review, 03-31-2021

Healthcare is undergoing a transformation. While consumers once received treatment based solely on their symptoms at the point of care, healthcare providers can now incorporate a wealth of historical, social, and environmental information to assess an individual’s condition and provide more personalized—and preventive—care.

The Wall Street Journal, 03-28-2021

The closure of clinics and hospitals during the early days of the lockdown, and the subsequent guidelines to avoid venturing out as much as possible, forced a massive shift to video consults, providing a crash course on how they work—and what can go wrong. Now, as doctors resume in-person visits, virtual care is poised to...

Healthcare IT News, 03-25-2021

During the first four months of COVID-19, telehealth visits accounted for 23.6% of all interactions – compared with 0.3% of contacts during the same time period in 2019.

RevCycleIntelligence, 03-23-2021

Consumers reported positive experiences with the COVID-19 virtual care and contactless payment boom, highlighting the need for continued innovation.

HealthTech Magazine, 03-11-2021

Virtual care became a valuable resource in the fight to deliver efficient and effective healthcare services even as the first wave of COVID-19 tore across the country. One year later, telehealth initiatives have become common features of care infrastructure nationwide.

Fierce Healthcare, 03-09-2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the pace of artificial intelligence adoption, and healthcare leaders are confident AI can help solve some of today’s toughest challenges, including COVID-19 tracking and vaccines.

Axios, 03-04-2021

Telemedicine and other health-related technologies have gotten huge boosts over the past year as COVID-19 upended how patients receive medical attention.

Slate, 03-01-2021

Your typical health care visit used to consist of driving to a clinic or office, filing out some paperwork, and waiting for someone to call your name when your provider was ready for you. Then, the coronavirus hit. Suddenly many people were attending appointments on the computer or over the phone, and telehealth became a household word.

Healthcare IT News, 02-25-2021

In an era of more seamless information-sharing, decision-makers have a renewed chance to address health inequities.